We have Apps' for all home media devices, delivering High Definition IPTV channels.
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Latest Channels, Movies & TV Shows.

Behind the Scene

Infrastructures, advanced piece of code and qualified moderatores are mobilized trying every day to make things work by a push of button.


Dead link inconveniences are over. New contents everyday with auto replace & remove for not working videos then delivered in interaction right away to our wide range of supported devices.

Cheapest service

Still paying expensive for your local provider? get unlimited channels & Tv Shows, sports and movies replay for less.


Our dedicated team will ensure that you’ll get the latest updates, will handle if desired the selection of your preferred content and without any doubt will resolve any issue, bug or demand *.

Packaged by Languages

No matter your location, you will find either your regional TV channels and the international one, at your desired language.

Everywhere Portable

Wherever the internet is you can have access to all your media. Different solutions are defined for your need from using our web panel & Apps to light box devices.


All technical problems are fixed & updated on the fly.

Apps for Devices

upgrade your setuped systems.

Boxino Media Center

in house supported device.

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for any circumstance!




/ Year
  • Not official playlist
  • Everyday new contents
  • XBMC/Kodi plugin
  • Free sharing




/ Year
  • +300 IPTV channels
  • UP to 4 packages
  • Unlimited usage
  • Apps multi-Devices




+ 150$ / Year
  • Include unlimited IPTV, movies & Tv Shows
  • Application Play Store
  • Contents Request
  • Best Quality/Price

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